Agenda: Deciding the Partition of India 
Director: Karmanya Wahi
Additional Director: Kush Manchanda 
Rapporteur: Harmanjot Singh 
Freeze Date: 17th May 1947 



Greetings Nationalists,

A country has perched on the precipice of its dream yet there lies one last predicament, a predicament that would transform the lives of 400 million people. With the castigation of the Plan Balkan and the demand for the creation of Pakistan, massive riots have broken out in Punjab. While Muslim League is yet again threatening to launch Direct Action Day, Mahatma Gandhi has still not acquiesced to the demand for Pakistan. Syama Prasad Mukherjee's plebiscite in Bengal has its results in the favor of partition which has lead to communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims. People are now restless as mercury and tired of their misery; any wrong decision taken at this point will lead to thousands of deaths.
Along with Pakistan, a new demand has been raised by the Princely states; the demand for the creation of a new dominion of Princestan. Travancore has requested the British Government to recognize it as a new dominion while the Nawab of Hyderabad has started increasing and modernizing his army. With tribes asking for their own share of land, Abdul Ghaffār Khān has raised his concerns apropos to safeguarding the rights of Pashtuns. If this balkanization takes place, the dream of a new India, a free India will get lost and what will remain would just be another century of war and animosity. 
My fellow men, we have shared our thought for years now; let us now share action. I call upon each one of you to attend the Viceroy's Supreme Forum on the 17th of May, 1947 to deliberate on the ramifications of the partition.

Regards and Best Wishes,

The Executive Board.

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