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Director: Mian Mohammad Raza
Additional Director: Suhani Sharma 
Rapporteurs: Shambhavi Garg, Akaisha Handa, Syna Sharma

Greetings Delegates,

Reporting is getting more and more dangerous each year, with a total of 1,350 journalists killed worldwide since 1992, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Despite media efforts to raise awareness about legal and physical attacks journalists suffer, the persecution of those trying to expose irregularities, injustice, crimes and many other wrongdoings continues.
Existence of the Free Press in any country enables the citizens by being benefactors of a free and consistent flow of news and information, keeping them up to date and aware of proper facts of events and the truth, and by allowing the people to speak their own truth to power, voice their grievances and consciously demand justice and acknowledgement at the national/international level. It is a bold reflection of our society made in virtue of the people, by the people supported by principles of the unindoctrinated truth and an important milestone for free and pervasive education in any society.
However, in these turbulent times where political powers are pursued and exercised through instruments of nationalism and surging shifts towards theocracies in republics, the press has faced tightening restrictions on its autonomy and purpose, which is to throw light on uncomfortable truths as well as holding the government or representatives of the people accountable. The rising threat to the press is certainly reflective of the receding democratic credentials of a state, and points towards a turning point of a democracy reducing itself to an autocracy,
The controlling and regulation of the press hinders the foundation of a government that is accountable to its people, all the while restricting the public’s rule by depriving them of information necessary to hold elections, elect leaders and keep them under the constant scrutiny of the public.
The UNHRC is mandated with the protection of  basic fundamental rights of man, hence under this mandate, the UNHRC deals with a variety of human rights violations and issues of global importance 
It is absolutely vital that free speech and democracy remain as standing virtues of our global dominion, hence the burden of the council is a humongous one to bear.
The given agenda deals with worldwide persecution and human rights violations of journalists and media staff which is an imminent threat to the global dominion of peace and harmony, throughout the sessions, the council shall develop solutions and frameworks to counter this issue in an effective and just manner.

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Agenda: Persecution of Media and Journalists