Agenda: Expansion of NATO With Special Emphasis on the Rising Tensions in South Asia.
Freeze Date: 15th July 1971
Type: Semi-Crisis
Director: Dhruv Gandhi
Additional Directors: Srishti Manawa, Vinisha Barala 
Rapporteur: Soham Magazine, Guhika Sachdev, Khanak Raina, Suvan Gupta

In 1947–1948, a series of events caused the nations of Western Europe to become concerned about their physical, political security and the United States to become more closely involved with European affairs. The Tumultuous events caused U.S. officials to grow increasingly wary of the possibility that the countries of Western Europe might deal with their security concerns by negotiating with the Soviets. To counter this possible turn of events, the Truman Administration considered the possibility of forming a European-American alliance that would commit the United States to bolster the security of Western Europe. Hence, on 4 April  1949, NATO Was Born.

NATO Not only provided a Strategic Defence 'umbrella' to its member nations but also serves as the foundation of Cooperation on technological development, Equipment Standardisation, Joint Formation and Exercises.

However, With the Rapid Rise of Communism in the Asian States of Ceylon, Indonesia, Mainland China, India and Vietnam, A Domino effect leading to cascading revolutions throughout Asia does not seem far-fetched. 

With Escalating Tensions Between India and Pakistan, Demoralization of American Troops in Vietnam and The Communist Insurgency in Ceylon, NATO must establish a concrete framework of Co-operation between the Democratic Nations of Asia, far beyond the interconnected web of Alliances propagated by the United States and present a Unified Front against Communism not only Europe but in Asia as well. 


Representing Powerful Portfolio's with exceptional Executive powers, the delegates must adapt to the ever-changing situation in Asia and formulate a comprehensive and expansive framework for the Asian Expansion of NATO.

Therefore, As the powers vested in the Executive Board as the Secretary-General of NATO, We hereby Call upon all Representatives of the Signatory Nations to convene the North Atlantic Council on the 15th of July 1971 At 

Brussels, Belgium.

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