Director: Anahita Anand 
Additional Director: Aanya Anand 
Rapporteurs: Navaj Anand,Navya Saini 
(Double Del Committee)

Media has played a significant role in Establishing DEMOCRACY throughout the world. Since the 16th century, the media has been instrumental in reaching out to the masses and equipping them with knowledge throughout. Positioning it alongside the century’s long trifecta of the executive, legislature and the judiciary, ‘the fourth pillar of democracy is what the media is popularly addressed as, because without a free media, democratic systems cease to exist.

 The International Press Corps is representative of the free press on the international stage since it serves as a medium of internationalism and accountability between the people and nations.

With numerous discussions happening simultaneously, it is the duty of the press to accurately structure information, thoughts and opinions expressed in the committees in the forms of news reports and opinion based editorials. The press is going to be responsible for holding organizations and people accountable and scrutinizing them for their actions.

 At the JYC this year, the journalists will not only be restricted to print media, but will also be tested for spontaneity by having to conduct interviews online and also having to record and report immediate crisis updates.

By becoming reporters, each of whom represents a news agency rather than a country or an individual, your work in reporting, interpreting, and sharing to all conference members the on goings of committees every day will not only enhance your journalism skills in a unique conference context; it will also serve as the only, and most powerful, component of accountability for all of your fellow delegates, to ensure that media truly does remain the fourth pillar of democracy at the JYC’21.

We at JYC look forward to welcoming delegations from the most precious news houses world over, and hope to give you all, a productive, enriching and memorable experience.