International Arbitration Council


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We welcome you to the International Arbitration Council (IAC)

Afghanistan’s long conflict has entered a new and potentially final phase: a real opportunity to reach a peaceful
resolution exists, but the forces of fragmentation remain strong. The United States can play a key role in determining if this opportunity is taken. A responsible and coherent set of U.S. actions could greatly increase the chances of a peaceful resolution to forty years of conflict; a rash and rushed approach could increase the chances of a breakdown of order in Afghanistan and a worsening of this long and tragic war with negative consequences for the region and heightened threats to the security and interests of the United States and its allies. While the U.S. force levels and combat deaths are down dramatically, But withdrawing U.S. troops irresponsibly would likely lead to a new civil war, glimpses of which we can see right now. Reconstitution of terrorist groups could threaten world peace and provide them with a narrative of victory against the NATO and US Forces. 

This Council would work towards to fully aligning our policies, practices across diplomatic, military, and assistance efforts toward the overarching goal of achieving a successful peace in Afghanistan. 

We would request all the delegates to put sincere efforts into preparation and research for the simulation and work hard to make it a fruitful learning experience for all. We’ll be providing a comprehensive Background Guide for research purposes and more insights about the council. Feel free to contact us via email if you have any queries or doubts. We wish you all the best for this journey. 

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Executive Board 

Director: Shaurya Sangra
Additional Director: Ayaan Malhotra 
Rapporteur:  Aviral Kapoor 

Freeze Date: 20th July 2021

Agenda: Assessing the Withdrawal of American Troops from Afghanistan and establishing a secure International framework