United Nations Human Rights Council 

Agenda: Persecution of Independent Journalists and Media organizations


The UNHRC is mandated with protection of basic fundamental rights of man, hence under this mandate , the UNHRC deals with a variety of human rights violations and issues of global importance It is absolutely vital that free speech and democracy remain as standing virtues of our global dominion, hence the burden of the council is a humungous one to bear. The given agenda deals with worldwide persecution and human rights violations of journalists and media staff which is an imminent threat to the global dominion of peace and harmony, throughout the sessions the council shall develop solutions and frameworks to counter this issue in an effective and just manner

International Press Corps
(Double Del Committee)

Founded in October 1950, The International Press Institute is a global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists dedicated to the promotion and protection of press freedom and the improvement of journalism practices. 

Consisting of Journalists, the IPC Adds a unique flavour to each committee by simulating Media coverage of the events. Delegates are required to understand and cover the intense debates and provide summaries for each session. They will also be required to ask questions in special Press Conferences.


Lok Sabha 

Agenda: Analysis Of New IT Laws In India


In an era of unprecedented digitalization and technology, the safety of personal data is paramount. Until very recently, India was the only major nation to not have a data protection law. The Committee will be looking into the feasibility of the New IT Law, that is, "The Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021" passed by the Indian Government, earlier this year. With special emphasis on the "Twitter V/S INDIAN GOVERNMENT" issue.


Agenda: Expansion of NATO with Special Emphasis on Rising Tensions in South Asia

Freeze Date: 15th July 1971 

Formation of an expansive framework for the Asian Expansion of NATO along with Containment of Communism.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation stands as the primary Bulwark against Soviet Expansion in Europe, Establishing a Unified Defence Umbrella between 14 Democratic Nations. 


International Arbitration Council 

Agenda: Assessing the Withdrawal of American Troops  from Afghanistan and establishing a secure International framework

Freeze Date: 20th July 2021 


Set on the backdrop of the recent withdrawal of American Troops from Afghanistan which has led to  Foreign diplomats backhanding with Taliban as a Civil War within Afghanistan is imminent. The world is concerned about the militia the Taliban has gathered and how it could cause disturbances in Neighboring states.

The committee would try to reach an amicable solution within the Leaders of the Taliban and Afghanistan while protecting the sovereignty of the neighbouring states.


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Viceroy's Supreme Forum 

Agenda : Deciding the Partition of India 

Type: Specialized Agency 

Freeze Date: 17th May 1947 


 India is burning in the fire of disparity; massive riots have broken out in Punjab and Bengal. Millions of people are in despair, a country is on precipice of a civil war. I, Lord Mountbatten, call upon the leaders of Hindustan to decide the fate of 400 million people.

The Committee would function as the Viceroy's Forum, responsible for formulating the framework for the partition of India. 

Through a few Meagre lines on a Map, the Fate of this Sub-continent rests in the balance.